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Published on June 25th, 2013 | by Davis Agency Hallmark


Just a Bead – A Customer Story

At Davis Agency Hallmark we love helping our customers find the perfect gift. Sometimes our customers send us their story – to thank us for helping them create a memorable moment. Here is one person’s story:

Thank you Hallmark.

My girlfriend and I had worked together for six months to pull together a conference with 200+ attendees. Sure we’d helped out others do the same for a couple of years but this time we were the co-chairs! This brought us into the new challenging area of actually leading the project!

Chamilia Bead 'Believe' says it all. Hallmark Store |StittsvilleThis conference had its share of unexpected challenges and I was surprised at how well our strengths worked together. Areas that my girlfriend was strong in, I needed help and areas that she was weaker in,I loved to do! A ll along the way we gave support and strength to each other. As the date of the conference came closer I wanted to give her something to remind her of her own strength and the journey we had taken together. I remembered seeing a Chamilia bead several months earlier. This special bead was pretty on the outside but it was the special message when you opened it up that stuck in my memory. That message was simple “Believe”. Perfect. That was my girlfriend’s mantra – when things were tough, keep on believing. My girlfriend doesn’t wear jewelry much so I chose the suede necklace for a casual, every day look. I went to find the bead at the Hallmark store in Stittsville but as luck would have it, they had just sold it. They offered to call the staff at the Hallmark Barrhaven store. They put the bead on hold until I picked it up later that day.

I gave the bead and necklace to my girlfriend as we were putting up the decorations for the conference. She was both delighted and touched. She wore it during the conference and still wears it today. A symbol of friendship and inspiration rolled into one.

Thank you for making it happen.

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